Grupo Lar Peru Increases Sales, Web Traffic and Lead Management by +10% with HubSpot

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With the support of HubSpot's suite of tools, Grupo Lar Peru achieved a substantial improvement in its commercial management and a notable enrichment of the customer experience. This resulted in a greater personalization of customer interactions and a significant reduction in lead response time. 

The highlight of this transformation was Grupo Lar Peru's ability to effectively integrate all of its customer acquisition channels, providing its marketing and sales teams with a complete view of customer interactions and needs throughout the customer journey.


Prior to the implementation of HubSpot, Grupo Lar Peru faced a critical challenge: the lack of centralization of its marketing and sales efforts. Despite having a CRM focused on the real estate sector to manage customer and project information, marketing strategies were executed independently on various platforms, such as social networks and Google. This data fragmentation and lack of a holistic view made it difficult to effectively measure and track customer acquisition strategies and lead management.

The traceability of interactions with leads was complicated, as the effectiveness of communication channels could not be compared in an automated way. The measurement process became manual and consumed valuable time. Although the external real estate CRM recorded sales consultants' interactions with prospects, it lacked unified information because marketing strategies were executed on separate platforms.

The imminent need was to unify all this information in a single platform to obtain a complete view of each lead and provide personalized and effective communication. Grupo Lar Peru aspired to optimize its digital strategies, taking advantage of traceability and customer information, as well as to measure the performance of advisors in terms of assignment and attention times.

This search for a balance point led them to explore solutions that would allow them to properly manage, measure and automate marketing and sales information and processes. The manual spreadsheet management provided by the real estate CRM did not meet their evolving needs. They needed a complete and flexible solution that would adapt to the company's needs and allow for application and channel integration.

After a thorough evaluation of available platforms, Grupo Lar Peru found HubSpot to be a comprehensive solution that met their requirements. HubSpot not only offered integrated marketing, sales and customer service modules, but also provided tools for email campaigns, lead page creation, list segmentation, calls to action (CTAs) and channel performance analysis. In addition, the platform was scalable and allowed for rapid deployment.

To guarantee success in this digital transformation, Grupo Lar Peru sought the collaboration of a Partner Agency specialized in the real estate sector, this is where Smartup comes in, offering consulting, advisory, implementation and follow-up services, which allowed Grupo Lar Peru to cover all its needs and move towards digital maturity. The objective was to effectively implement strategies for the acquisition, interaction, qualification and evaluation of leads, as well as to optimize the closing of sales for the Group's developments.

We can summarize the phases of the methodology as follows:

  1. Data fragmentation challengeMarketing strategies were being executed across multiple platforms, making effective measurement and tracking difficult.
  2. Search for integrated solutions: search for a solution that would allow them to unify all information and strategies on a single platform, Hubspot.
  3. Collaboration with Smartupas its Partner Agency specialized in the real estate sector. This agency provided consulting, advice, implementation and follow-up.
  4. Adoption of HubSpotHubSpot: enabled to unify marketing and sales efforts, optimize lead management and provide a complete view of customer interactions in one place.

Smartup has helped us to optimize our digital marketing and has given us a vision that goes beyond the real estate world.

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The adoption of HubSpot allowed Grupo Lar Peru to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Increase your website traffic from 4,000 to more than 20,000 sessions per month. 
  • Achieve an email open rate of 22.66% and a click-through rate of 2.91% through email automation.

Lead management was optimized, and sales consultants were able to focus on the essentials, closing more sales thanks to the information available in the CRM. As a result, key business indicators increased by an average of 15%.

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