"Failure is not an option"
- Gene Kranz Apollo 13 mission

Control over a sustainable income is our only mission.

Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations, also known as RevOps, is the method by which we optimize the processes and technologies linked to the revenue sources of your business, in order to unify them, reduce the friction between them and improve the performance of marketing, sales and customer service.

what we do, how we do it and what our added value is

Traditionally, marketing, sales and customer service have worked in isolation. This meant that each area had its own tools, independent processes and decentralized data management resulting in internal inefficiencies and an external experience that was inconsistent and far from omni-channel...

Why we are an excellent choice for your organization

Smartup has a different DNA than most digital agencies and consultancies in the Spanish-speaking market, and that is that we are a company of technologists that 15 years ago ventured into digital media advertising. It took a few years before someone gave a name to what we did best: MARTECH. The incorporation of technology and the exploitation of data for the optimization and scalability of marketing, sales and customer service activities was, is and will be Smartup's core...

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+100 reasons to work together

more than 100 satisfied customers

"Smartup consistently helps us get real value from data activation and initiate efficient and productive digitization."

Azucarera Iberia
Carlos J. Fernandez

"Oriented to optimize the investment made by the client, integrating into its strategy and anticipating with creative, innovative and effective solutions."

Guggenheim Museum
Margarita Meoro

"Smartup has become a key strategic partner, functioning as another area, integrated within our structure."

Isabel I University
Santiago Mayorga Escalada

"Smartup has helped us think differently and look for imaginative solutions with direct applicability to the business."

Olga Fernandez

"We work with Smartup because of their high specialization and experience in SEO, we count on their support and continuous consulting."

IE Business School
Carlos Saldaña

"I would like to highlight Smartup's ability to understand and execute our business strategy in a digital environment."

Prosegur Security
Antonio Parages

"Thanks to the analytics models developed with Smartup we are able to interpret changes in our marketplace earlier."

Mahou - San Miguel
Javier Garrido

"They bring years of knowledge and experience to advance the City Council's goal of developing data-driven policies."

Donosti City Council
Ibon Ramos

"Smartup has become a trusted partner, providing us with the best solutions at all times."

Ignacio Polvorinos Reyero

"Smartup has been helping us, for more than 10 years, to grow our direct channel in a progressive and sustained manner."

Invisa Hotels
Alejandro Ferrer

Smartup: Data Driven Growth

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