A robust SEO strategy that resists technological change for a world leader in higher education.

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How can we, after more than a decade, continue to transform, seek value and lead the training sector from the SEO point of view to be a world player in higher education? With the support of Smartup's technical and content team, we have supported the creation and optimization of a new ad hoc framework for the management of tomorrow's technological needs. This change has involved multiple migrations of urls and their consequent optimization in order not only not to lose positioning, which is the norm, but also to improve and surpass the results of previous years. The value is in the data and we believe in data driven strategies. 


With a focus on strategic accompaniment and digital transformation, Smartup began to collaborate in the design and execution of the SEO strategy, together with the marketing department, in 2012. One of the first challenges we faced was the design of a joint strategy for all departments and schools of the company. With this, we took the step to manage web analytics in order to have valuable data for decision making.

Since then, we have faced multiple challenges in terms of internal evolution, industry evolution and alignment with the different search algorithms over the years.

Logically, it has not always been a linear process, but we have kept a global perspective in mind, betting on medium and long term solutions, looking for a consolidation objective in such a competitive market as education.

"We work with Smartup because of their high specialization and experience in SEO, we count on their support and continuous consulting."

IE Business School
Carlos Saldaña


+150,000 visits per month from organic channel

+10% in lead growth compared to the pre-migration period


These have been some of the goals achieved:

  • Two successful rebrandings
  • Several successful migrations, both of visual image (front of page) and technological framework.
  • Growth in multiple countries and on highly competitive terms.
  • Maintain a strong online position.
  • Design and execution of web analytics strategy through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.
  • Design and connect a flow of information between the various data sources: website, application requests and CRM.

Even when we have had to make changes and migrations that have meant the elimination of multiple pages, we have made the maxim of better quality than quantity apply. In the image that accompanies this success story you can see the relationship between pages indexed in Google and estimated traffic generated.

Aligning ourselves with the users' search intent, betting on new functionalities to capture traffic and working to offer a great experience to visitors are some of the actions that have helped us stand out from our competitors.

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