360º digital transformation through process improvement to become a data-driven company.

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Colisée, a company of French origin present in Germany, Belgium, China and Italy, lands in 2019 in Spain, occupying the fourth position in the management of residences for the elderly in Europe. It is in Spain where it has more than 6,200 residential beds, a team of more than 4,400 professionals and has 59 59 residential centers scattered throughout Spain. the management team is committed to undertaking a paradigm shift in the management of the centers and its own global strategy.

Colisée's priority is to place its customers at the center of the strategy, knowing their needs and looking after their well-being, and this fact is something that has capillarized the entire digital strategy. 

So they decided to undertake a digital transformation project that will allow a data-driven data driven of its marketing actions and commercial processes, This entails optimizing the overall management of all its residences, integrating the off-line and off-line with the online. The objective was to integrate the marketing area with the commercial area, so that they would not act as silos, but would be integrated under a common strategy, which would optimize resources and processes.


In the first phase of the project, we focused on digital digital analysis, audits in the different areas that have allowed us to know the initial starting point and the strategic and operational objectives. strategic and operational objectives of Colisée.

We conducted a benchmark of Colisée with respect to its main competitors, we analyzed its commercial process, identifying points of improvement and opportunities, the weight that the online channel contributes to the generation of business, we conducted a consultancy focused on establishing with the client the sales structure within Hubspot for which it was previously necessary to land the ideal commercial ecosystem and with it the communication flows to obtain a global picture of what should be your recruitment strategy.

Subsequent to this analysis, we established the bases that support the digital strategy digital strategy, being the Inbound Marketing methodology methodology was implemented to address the objectives set. After analyzing the ecosystem of data and initial processes that Colisée had (opportunities that came from different sources such as call, form, visit, commercials, marketing agencies...) we chose to implement Hubspot as CRM to execute this strategy. With this implementation, Colisée has a complete traceability of their business, which allows them to identify points of improvement in their daily processes as well as to obtain real-time information of the origin of each opportunity, how it advances in the funnel and the necessary points of improvement in each process. In this way, data is the cornerstone of the entire strategy.

"Smartup has helped us over the last 4 years to undertake a deep digital transformation, relying on HubSpot as our go-to CRM."

Marisa da Costa



  • Buyer Personas and Journeys
  • Channel audit
  • Dashboard
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Advanced Analytics


  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • Google Ads
  • Remarketing


  • Blog
  • Nurturing
  • Workflow
  • Email marketing


  • CRM Hubspot


Change in the company's business culture, operating the entire commercial structure under the Inbound Marketing methodology through Hubspot, which has meant optimization of resources and end-to-end business knowledge that allows them to make decisions based on data. Currently, Colisée's 59 residences operate under the Hubspot structure with the inbound methodology. What began as a pilot for some residences has been implemented for the entire structure, allowing the business to be taken to another scale in marketing and sales, improving its ROAS and facilitating the day-to-day work of both the commercial teams and the management team.

Technologies and Services
Buyer Personas and Journeys, CRM (MAIL, SMS, IM), Paid Media and Performance, Search Engine Positioning

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