Sugar: Sowing data to harvest good decisions

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The challenge posed by Azucarera Española was, on the one hand, on the agricultural side, to identify the farmers with the best practices and to find those who, with similar climatological and soil composition characteristics, have worse yields in order to provide them with the winning practices of the most efficient farmers. In addition, and from the commercial management of the company, advanced analytics was required to obtain predictive and prescriptive information on sales to its main customers.


The objectives have been met and Azucarera now has, on the one hand, a tool for internal and external use through which it can transfer knowledge from one farmer to another. Since the development is in the cloud, only an internet access is enough for any user to access the results, updated in real time thanks to the architecture developed for the project. 

In addition, Azucarera has a single point of information where various data sources, both internal and external, converge to develop predictive analytical models that help the sales team to make better strategic and operational decisions that help them reach the sales targets set.

In short, beyond the above-mentioned goals achieved, Azucarera has entered into a dynamic of interdepartmental digitalization that will allow them to address new use cases in an agile and efficient way.

Finally, in the commercial area, procedures have been automated (Revops), which allow for greater efficiency in customer management and thus an increase in company profits.

"Smartup consistently helps us get real value from data activation and initiate efficient and productive digitization."

Azucarera Iberia
Carlos J. Fernandez



  • IOB (Internet Of Behavior)
  • Big Data Analysis 
  • RFM
  • Power BI
  • Dashboard


  • RevOps
  • Automation


In the Agro area, a platform has been created that collects daily data from more than 18,000 field notebooks, from more than 3,000 farmers consulted over the last 15 agricultural seasons analyzed.

In the commercial area, procedures have been automated (Revops) that allow for greater efficiency in the management of its customers and thus an increase in company profits.


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